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Lagoon's Philosophy

One could sum up Lagoon’s philosophy in three words: elegance, conviviality, safety. Three priorities that Nauta Design’s creations are based on. “When we draw the interior of a Lagoon, we aim to optimise the layout of space, while retaining a sober, luminous and comfortable atmosphere.
Mario Pedol, co-founder with Massimo Gino of the famous Italian design studio, explains. We favour continuous horizontal lines, so as to emphasise the perception of more harmonious and fluid open spaces, in which geometric precision blends with warm materials.”

Lagoon's Comfort

Comfort is also synonymous with safety. All Lagoon catamarans conform to EEC standards, in terms of catamaran unsinkability. The fore and aft compartments of each hull are separated from the living area by watertight bulkheads. The materials used, as well as the absence of ballast, reinforce this unsinkability property: even when a shock occurs, a Lagoon can still sail. The Lagoon design department also deals with the conception of fresh and salt water circuits, as well as electrical installations, their creed founded on reliability and the respect of European standards.

Blends Of talents

Lagoon catamarans are the result of a blend of talents. Talents from the CNB, one of the most respected shipyards in the universe of superyachts, and those from the Bénéteau Group, world leader in leisure boat construction. With confirmed production methods, controlled costs, certified quality, Lagoon’s expertise combines attention to detail, creativity and industrial rigour.
Deck and hull structures are infused and vacuum injected; a process which guaranties weight-saving, better quality composite and good environmental protection.

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